Poems 2024


When nothing is yours, but storing cravings,
on the meeting ground that cover inner sleeve paintings,
we show kindness to strangers and gain insight,
and smile, in equal measure, mindful of no night

In between little drips of much needed laughter,
caught our breath sweating and crying salt water
Air, sleepy dreams, the sea, the sky high,
selling myself short stops, dateless endlessly nigh

With starlike words, gems drenched in flavoured honesty,
You silence me with Your confident poetry
Hear me giggle then, watching dolphins leap,
while i chase waterfalls at palm length deep

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Childhood Days

Living in bygone days no good, been there before,
i’ve come a long way and hey,
i don’t want to ever go back no more
Well, i kind of feel like i’m in it still,

’cause of family refuse to let go,
hard to love anyone who uses the past,
as an excuse to not love but steal the show
So yeah ! Usually i’m the shy one,

but You showed me You are all to be,
and sometimes i do not even realize,
all the good and bad that happens,
form part of Your journey for me

You let me know i need to value
going through unpleasant times,
’cause faith gets stretched during those days,
and You’ll turn them into immeasurable rhymes

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Now Is The New

Now is the New Ear shaping season to listen to Me,
– while i was sleeping in bed i turned over and saw 5:33 –
everyone will be involved and will hear this New Call,
My Spirit will lead those who will just trust Me with their all

Faster than a rolling stone in its fall, so will I touch every human soul,
tears of joy or sorrow, Wisdom and Might are in perfect control
Extremely hard it will become for those who do not honour Me,
each one has to take a stand on which side they want to be

His Kingship beyond time, amazing words to ponder,
will it all come true; you may wonder ?
Grace after grace after grace, things turn on a dime, so fast,
Hear, O Israel, The Lord Yahushua IS your Shema, now listen at last !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Heavenly Minded

Drawing belief over fields of scripts,
to the edge that begins and never ends,
i’m learning all hope and laughter between whispering lips,
while the sky stretches with painted colour in its tracks

Intimacy finds the journey, and far above my insight,
through the procession of a secret stairway tapestry,
life comes to rest on vast plains of virgin territory,
spreading, around evergreen pastures, His rainbow wide

● ● ● ● ● ● ●