Poems 2016

December 4, 2016, 2:52 in the morning

A New Heart: Wave After Wave Of My Love

Wave after wave of My Love,
My purity and cleansing from above
Not by your works of religion, I will give
a new heart, so you will live

Examine your heart, a tidal wave of joy splashing
Come together, come to Me in true adoration
A garden of flowers, a diversity of scent,
one common ground, one eternity to spend

Examine your heart !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

November 28, 2016, all during the day

The Holy Spirit: The Beginning Of Tomorrow’s New Era

Today living still in shadowed days,
through small clear spots in cloudy skies,
shines brightly with brief rays,
Light, touching hearts, shaking spirits arise

All surprised, stopped in their path to ask, who ?
Beaten down their pride, like Saul on the road,
from the heart, faces to say, humbly bowed,
my Lord and Father, forgive me, i was persecuting You !

Hidden the Voice, welded stagnation and tradition,
sleep the sleep of centuries of religion
But fresh and alive, words of recognition of the Divine,
by the Spirit of Truth, promised for this time

Hear Me by My Spirit, true form of adoration,
times now of mysteries clarification
Great revolutions in customs and ideas by My doctrine,
on this great journey I will be your Cyrene

Luminous horizons presented to the sight,
let those persist in the struggle against the light
Who’s wish of the truth’ knowing, freed from slavery lies,
spirits vibrate pleasure with fearing eyes

Deeds, trials and events, simple hearts testimony
His Works magnitude, its triumph, a glimpse to foresee
The Holy Spirit light and support, an awakening call
for I AM WHO I AM, the All in All

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

November 22, 2016, all during the day

A Period Of Peace: A Taste Of My Kingdom To Come

International peace between nations of an unusual degree,
an unprecedented spirit of cooperation as Head of States see,
doing the right things brings prosperity
A taste, a sweet taste of what My Kingdom will be !

To convert who are misled and gone astray, an extraordinary opportunity,
America will lead the way, in establishing justice and liberty
To know the difference between My peace and the stage peace of the elite,
My government instead of the NWO’s agenda and their deceit

I will take scissors and cut these bands of disasters and wars,
unmistakable world unity without intrigue and force
Honest agreements that benefit all, life and cooperation,
your prayers to change, even fulfilment of revelation

A wild man, his hand on violence as it is written,
against everyone and all his brothers to live in hostility
Evil powers will lay low, waiting for the opportunity,
this will be the undoing of the period of peace, I have given

It will be short lived, pray for this taste,
especially the young will respond and be amazed
As concerns the man the world has laughed at, I will give him wisdom,
My dear ones, continue your prayers for My Kingdom

Yes, together we are doing this, your repentance to pray,
on Earth as it is in Heaven, Your Kingdom come !
You have taken to heart, you will prosper in a healthy way,
a Spiritual Renaissance, for My will to be done !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

November 14, 2016, all during the day

Invitation: I AM Waiting For You

A dawning of a deeper level,
of detachment, abandonment, of purity,
recognition of attention from Me,
set on the goal to be ready

A place of depth, a place of reconciliation,
just a little more preparation,
to gather in those,
who are oh so close

Be willing and cooperative, a burning coal
I AM “doing the doing” in the soul
Do away with the compromise,
be pure, devoted, paying the price

Your Spirit, Your invitation accepting,
filling gaps after leaving,
of prayer, being both listening and speaking
Here I AM, you awaiting !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

November 6, 2016, all during the day

Be Teachable: Receive The Grace To Listen To Wisdom

The eye of the child to teach you of the light,
the river of life transforms experience into wisdom
Are you thirsty enough for it to fight,
to endure in My strength for My Kingdom ?

To resist the evil, to set prisoners free,
from a little stream, arise of the great river,
bringing life to all flowing to the sea
Baptised drops, drawn together to deliver

Peace and joy for those who drink of this water,
courage, wisdom and power to them who pray,
in the will of the great Giver to stay
Fulfilment of their souls who sought her

A vision of unity, a focus on harmony,
a double flaming torch, My gift, My presence
True warriors joined to release My victory,
from the lowest depths to the Heavens !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

November 5, 2016, all during the day

Purification: My Fire To Cast Upon The Earth

The torch breathes the air from above,
as the bearer lights brightly when close to Me
Joining one another, for encouragement and love,
overcoming the power of evil, with eyes to see

To set free people, city and nation,
vision, mind and strength to grow
The Truth that is living is always to show,
to turn the chaos into life, a New Creation

The coming ones to prepare for the battle,
showing the Earth Heaven to live in
A fire consuming the wood, hay and stubble,
walking with Me, breathing out the life I have given

Keep My fire burning in your heart,
the atmosphere of Heaven as fuel
Pursue this life, this breath as every day start,
a flowing trail to restore, as a sparkling jewel

Testing your faith and trusting with great authority,
more important than any power are wisdom and humility
Drink in the wonderful truth of My reality,
My fire, My heart’s desire, as you seek Me !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

October 25, 2016, 4:25 in the morning

Fight The Good Fight: A Battle Declaration Against The Night

Place your hand on the sword,
‘don’t let go’
Handle it with care or it will be too short,
when used wisely it will flow

Stretch your hand to the torch,
‘abide in Me’
It will lighten your path and shores,
to give hope and to set free

Now, come away with Me
and ride on this stallion to see
Great expectations for those who accompany,
together we will release victory !

Drive away darkness by declaring,
‘against the night’
You will prevail when you are sharing
and keep your eyes on Me for closer sight !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

October 22, 2016, all during the day

The King Of Glory Coming In: His Glory Being Revealed

Surrender to Me to orchestrate the election of the USA,
have ears to hear and open hearts to receive
Change is coming to My Body in this way,
realize that time is short, rest in Me and believe

Those who are in Me are going to be taken,
to a place that will be fully covered by the blood
All that can be shaken, will be shaken,
by the power of who I AM, like in the time of the flood

You will see things in a different light,
you will understand things in a different way
You are going to be shown great signs, great revelations, great insight
of what is going to happen in your day

Now is the time to see Who I AM in all things,
a soaring fire that to your shaken spirit sings
A time of many birth pains to fully understand,
My children must be refined, leading to the great birth I have planned

Do not fear, remember I have overcome all darkness, I AM the Lamb
Be ready, seek and it shall be given,
be at peace all those that have been listening
and understand that I AM WHO I AM !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

October 20, 2016, all during the day

You Are Creatures Of Light: Restoration Childlike Purity

Oh, how I long for the day,
when all My children will finally see,
who the Father really is and purified from the sinful way,
you will begin to feel an ever increasing love for My creation and Me

Yes, you are creatures of light, who
transform all you touch, to
the degree as you love as I love,
miracles will be done, for you to do

But not the miracles you will chase,
consider the working of wonders less,
than fellowship with Me, yes
grace is My presence in the still, dark place

Not the miracles, they are the natural progression to see,
events coming from your desire, to
know Me, to walk on this Earth and be like Me
and this is the way I fulfil it in you !

My dear ones, make progress in grace to see,
I have so much more for you,
know without a doubt this saying is true,
you can never out-give Me !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

September 25, 2016, all during the day

Come, Drink With Me

Too sensitive parts of the heart,
chilled and iced over to stop the hurting,
needs to be reawakened and aligned to start,
a revival of you and I, a perfect of union that is burning !

Patient with Me as I recover the loss,
of My living example on the cross
The wounds, the bleeding, that has been sealed up,
too painful for men to drink of that diviner cup

Beloved, do not be afraid to enter in and go with Me,
open those chambers, access the deepest mystery,
of My suffering before the morning dawn,
pure gold of My love, to give you courage to press on

The fruits of this meditation,
the richest treasure of My incarnation,
the sum of every finest faceted gem on Earth,
could not approximate in worth

Come, drink and share this espousal cup with Me,
there is nothing deeper, nothing more precious to see
Who are humble and have found favor, I will give revelation,
in My heart of heart’s, the delights and consolation

No boundaries for My love and compassion,
experiencing the treasures of My passion,
a depth beyond logic, beyond reason, the slain Lamb,
in this place, in My inner chambers, who I truly AM !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

September 16, 2016, all during the day

Restoration: Bring Me Your Lowliness

Nothing to prove, nothing to defend,
nothing to show off, nothing to recommend
Seeing yourself as the very least,
My high laws will let you sit at Wisdom’s feast

Holy angels observe and rush to your side,
when you are in danger and need a shelter to hide
On a humble and little soul they turn the tide,
all that is partial will cease, but in My Love you will abide

To be the victor in every battle against the enemy,
practice charity, brotherly love and humility
Choose well what you view or hear
and I will fill you with far more wonder, than with fear

Open your heart with poverty in your being,
there My Glory will burst with healing
I am looking for those who know they are nothing,
oh, how sublime your littleness for Me, your King !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

August 25, 2016, all during the day

The Father’s Favor, He Wants Us Free !

Look beyond, look up to see,
fill your heart, your mind, your eyes, your ears with Me,
that will bring the hope that gives peace to carry,
to leave earth’s orbit in greater and greater degree

Truth, Who is My Son, came to reveal Me !
My realm will become so strong, like gravity,
you’ll be drawn into it more and more swiftly,
that revelation becomes present reality

Knowing My voice and obeying My wishes is key,
this is where your deliverance lies, in your cleaving to Me
and following the path laid out for you,
be faithful to what I have appointed you to do

My dear child, you are completely untrustworthy,
the life of My Son will increase in you, to grow into authority
It always will remain only Him, where law and grace met perfectly,
He became the plumb-line for all humanity !

Persevere, My beautiful people, persevere !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

August 24, 2016, 3:34 in the morning

I AM Teaching You How To Love

Faith, Hope and Love,
they are together,
from you and from above
They speak of unity in one treasure

The Cloud and the Fire,
by day and by night
are signs of the Light
God among men, His desire

Come into the presence of the Lord,
He will show you everything you need to know,
He will guide you, He alone,
He will not fall you short

Grab hold of the promises He gives,
never give up, ’cause He lives,
He will guide you, He alone,
He will not fall you short, He is The Living Stone

Now Faith, Hope and Love remain,
Love is the greatest and will reign,
Love is of the beloved, and gives more and more
and that’s what eternity is for !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

August 22, 2016, 4:55 in the morning

Come And Drink

Hold out your hands to receive,
all My gifts and blessings in believe
Do not rely on your own,
take from the well of living water I have shown

My daughter, do not despair,
the world and your problems, all is not fair,
but let Me work it out through you,
you will prevail when you do

Now, take My hand and don’t let go,
I’ll show you My path to follow
Come away with Me, leave this earth’s orbit behind,
I have hidden treasures for you to find

Your destiny is waiting to be fulfilled !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

August 21, 2016, 2:55 in the morning

I AM HE, I AM The Sovereign LORD

Come ! Oh Holy Spirit, Come !
come with Your divining Oil
That all the nations may hear from,
the majestic power of Your Soil !

Let all the captives free,
the blind receive sight, the deaf hear, the lame walk
Greater than ever before, watch and see,
Your truth, Your realm, You will talk !

A new dimension, a new beginning,
believe what is coming, abundantly, exceeding
Seize it by faith, take it by force,
consecrate, declare and proclaim, it’s yours !

Discern the season, discern the time,
a living sacrifice, holy and divine
The dense Oil of the Spirit from above,
burning the chaff, The Fire of Your Love !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

August 18, 2016, all during the day

The Grand Story: Of Evening And Then Morning

Evening and then morning, the grand story,
each day from dusk to dawn
Bruised now, but bound for glory,
we patiently endure in Him, till the night is gone

Priceless treasure, the precious stone,
lifted up on the cross, from the grave, to the throne
Truth, Who is the Father’s Son,
all that belongs to You, all that will be one

A sword will rise,
all cleansed from thievery and lies
Mid-Heaven set free,
praise released that was taken captive by the enemy

Who is, who was, who is to come,
King, Savior, Anointed One
No more need for the light of the sun,
the Lord Yahushua, the best wine is yet to come, so hold on !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

August 4, 2016, all during the day

Psalm 91

Long before the storm comes, long before it breaks,
the eagle flies to a high spot and when the wind awakes,
it sets its wings to lift it up, high above the storm,
eyes of light, looks of Love, when the rain clouds form

Anointed holy eagles of Me,
I have hidden you safely
from this world’s eye
and taught you how to fly

Beware, the unholy vultures are trying to devour,
you as prey, but that will not be,
if you humble yourselves and seek Me
I say, take back what the enemy has stolen, for Me to restore !

You let me leave the eagle’s nest,
You’ve stirred it up and learned me to soar,
so that I might take refuge in Your rest
and see Your righteousness like never before

Help one another, to soar high in the sky,
Psalm 91 is your secret nest to fly
I will find you, Heaven blesses who are around Me,
I am the Shepherd, I will keep you, throughout eternity !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

July 31, 2016, all during the day

Participate: Prepare The Way Of The Lord !

Wake up ! wake up ! and run,
stand in the full inheritance of what was done
There is power in the cross, there is power in the blood,
there is power in the Name, to make us overcome !

Everything is going to change,
make way for My presence and power
Come away from your human ways,
My Word and agenda, in this day and hour

Spirit, soul and body, grow into complete salvation,
My mission has nothing to do with religion, but with habitation
Get behind the young, they will lead one billion to Me,
get ready for the signs and wonders, given abundantly

From plea to proclamation and creativity,
My eye is on the lost, the poor, the lonely,
the sick, the prostitute, the lowly
Intimacy with Me is the key !

Every secret is going to be revealed, all that was hidden
I say to those who are called by My Name,
repent and turn, come back again,
don’t forsake, but adopt the Life I have freely given !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

July 10, 2016, all during the day

A New Sound: Touching Every Part Of The Body

A TRUMPet blast in the spiritual realm,
a sound of celebration happening overwhelm
Rejoice ! the time has come and is now,
don’t look back after putting your hand to the plow

Shofars blasting and heavenly singing,
this is the start of a healing revival, a new beginning
New opportunities being released from Heaven,
it’s going to open doors of the Lord’s glory, a blessing

The spiritual outcasts who have been put aside,
I will re-strength them and will no longer hide
Catch this new wave you have been waiting for,
scales falling from your eyes, strategies opening the door

A wave of three, of purity and cleansing first,
of power encounters and healing who thirst
A big harvest of those who have been rejected, considered unclean,
a move of the Lord like never before, that has never been seen

You, Oh Lord, have heard the cries for justice, You have blown
Their blood has reached Your ears above
If you want to move in the new, you need to learn to love
one another and to listen to Him, Who sits on the Throne !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

June 27, 2016, 2:23 in the morning and all during the day

I AM LIFE: My Breath Blows And Awakens !

I will again show the wicked, I will build My ark !
Men think they don’t need Me,
see them brag in their achievements and their technology
My Glory I will pour out in the dark

I have people like the stars, see them sparkle and shine !
Release truth and justice to be free,
the angels will break the teeth of the enemy
Go to the rejected, but come out of the unclean, you are Mine !

Speak and release blessing,
supernatural power will follow your words
Your faith in the unseen, I am testing,
teachers and prophets together, so mind and heart will merge

Wisdom and insight will come to you,
declare, walk and be in it
Deny yourselves and come into My presence anew,
seek My fellowship and I will fill you with My Spirit

You will walk in My power,
you will drive back darkness in this hour
I will reward those that diligently seek Me,
a move of Life, Light and Liberty !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

June 19, 2016, all during the day

The Kingdom Age: Stand Up Sons And Daughters Of The Most High

My presence, My still small voice,
My gentle breeze and embrace
If My Bride wants to find Me, she has a choice,
to purify her heart and mind, to seek My face

If you want to know Me, you must pursue Me,
I do not control, I lead and I love
Lay down your own will and ways to be,
in favor of My wisdom and peace from above

It is My desire in this day and hour,
to see you stand up and walk in My authority and power
I will have My way in My people before
I take them from this place, to do the work for which I called them for

I am coming for a habitation, not for a visitation,
I came one’s as Savior, I am coming as King
For Light shall abound, darkness pushed back for generation to generation,
My Love, My Truth, My Purposes, My Plans, I will bring !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

June 10, 2016, 2:55 in the morning

Fire, Love And Revelation

Embrace My light and My holy powers,
’cause I am doing something NEW
I’ll raise you up and cover you with showers,
of love and understanding inside of you

Don’t give up now, don’t you quit now,
there are going to be wonderful opportunities
I’ll launch new beginnings, I’ll show you how,
a new time to be raised up to new levels of authorities

A promise, a shifting, to change things for the better,
I am pulling My people together
New wine will drop from the mountains,
first fruits like crystal fountains

See as I see, think as I think, feel as I feel,
I am anxious to answer prayers for mercy, so kneel
My heart is pure gold, pure love, pure good,
comfort Me with the love for your brotherhood

Days are being extended minute-to-minute,
a new harvest, till the Father says it’s time
Fire, Love and Revelation are infinite,
beloved, sharing My Love you’ll be all Mine !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

June 8, 2016, 2:43 in the morning

A Change Of Season: New Wine Into New Wineskins

Now, leave all your old habits behind,
’cause I will give you new ways to find
By My Holy Spirit to receive,
My mercy and grace to strengthen your believe

Listen, hear, humble yourselves and repent,
obedience is what it takes to be sent
I want you to go out and be aware,
sensitive to the things I want to share

Give your heart totally to Me and depend,
not on your own or even on a friend
Think outside the box and let Me cover you to see,
with love and mercy I’ll set you free

Stand up, arise and take your place,
new anointings, new ideas, new promises are there to face
Those that do the will of My Heavenly Father walk in My blessing,
new revelations are not far off, I am testing

I AM looking for the 1 and leave the 99,
from Heaven I will give powerful opportunities
I will move quickly, strangely and strongly to release,
new doors are going to be open, for Me to SHINE !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

May 23, 2016, all during the day

Your Wind Of Change: Wounded Warriors Revived

Talk My words, do what I will show,
breathe My breath and blow,
upon everything that is dry,
My Life I will truly give, don’t cry

Don’t you see? That I AM the Lord of mercy?
accept Me and you will be free
My joy and grace I will give,
trust in Me and you will live !

Wounded warriors revived and restored,
by Your wind of change, it can’t be ignored
Strengthened and begin to rise up with new vision,
strategies are given to decree the Word with Your permission

Love is said to be a child,
freely receiving Your blessing
Come away with Me, You smiled,
in divine embrace, Your praise expressing

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

May 22, 2016, 3:40 in the morning

Christ Riches: The Secrets Of The Knowledge Of The Kingdom

My Kingdom is full of riches
of wisdom and understanding beyond eternity,
spanning gaps by bridges
of faith, as you reach for your destiny

Hold on to My Word that has been spoken
by prophets and teachers, you’ll hear of some
Days and seasons of time will come,
that every bondage and sin will be broken

Stretch out for the highest gift to receive,
to develop revelations and visions
Trust in Me and believe,
clarity will come by My provisions

Your mysteries are opened in quiet hours,
they bring peace and joy to the heart
Heaven’s culture will come on Earth like showers,
as drops of rain giving life it’ll start

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

May 16, 2016, all during the day

The Courts Of Heaven

I come in Your Courtroom to plea,
to make a stand against the enemy,
to say words in favor of the bloodline of my family,
to repent of the sins throughout the century

I’m an intercessor for those who can’t do for themselves yet,
’cause the adversary is taking the negative talk to let them forget
Now I am proclaiming Your Words of Life through Your prophecy,
prayerfully declaring that they won’t miss their destiny

Lord, lead me through Your ways that I may know,
by tranquillity and peace inside, that You will show
Your call, inheritance and promises of Your Kingdom,
to trust You, to be led by infinite wisdom

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

May 1, 2016, 3:07 in the morning

Heavens Places: The Great Cloud Of Witnesses

Oh, Lord of my life who made everything,
by the power of Your Holy Being
You made people in Your image, Your offspring,
holy, holy, holy, angels shout by Your passionate lightning

Glory roles of the Throne, heavenly celebrations,
faces on monitors reveal they hear revelations
The Truth enters their soul and mind,
’cause their Savior is received and finally find

There is a great cloud of witnesses to see,
declaring you will not miss your destiny,
praying you will become the living testimony,
of the saving power of Yahushua Ha Mashiach and you will be free

Run your race, get the sin out of your life, get to that goal,
from the Balconies of Heaven they’re cheering you on, for all
is seen and nothing is missed up above
The ones who are coming home, are the ones they greatly love

Presents as gifts are stored up in your mansion,
a welcome home party is given with divine passion
You will meet your relatives and see their faces,
accept the blood sacrifice of the Lamb, the Door to Heavens Places !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 27, 2016, all during the day

The Army Of The King: Spiritual Warfare

I am hearing the prayers, I am hearing the pleads
of those who are grieving of iniquities
Am I not the Lord of the universe and of all creation ?
those who have sought My face, I will heal their nation

Evil has grown stronger as time passed by,
but I won’t let that happen, I’ll tell you why
My Son will be the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,
He is the One, but this time He comes with His swords !

I qualify the people I’ve chosen in this hour,
I equip them by My strong arm and by My power
I command you to arise and take your place,
I have given you extra time, mercy and grace

Gates, doors and portals will be open
and some will be shut down and broken
Come out of the darkness, shadows who mock My sight
My army shall no longer be silent, take your flight !

Plug into the presence of My shining light,
for there is no more time to waste, be awoken
A fresh breeze in the soul, ever so bright,
the outcome will be victory, ’cause I have spoken !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 25, 2016, all during the day

Revelation Of Heaven On Earth

Heavenly Hosts are making their outlines in the skies,
they are clearly seen, but in disguise
Around are spiritual kingdoms, spiritual places,
for angels to go in and out of, to make their traces

Not called but chosen for this time and season,
anointed for My work for a special reason
Manifestations in many supernatural ways,
spiritual levels of authority in these days

Even shadows will heal who hear Me,
for My healing Balm of Gilead shall be in My army
It will bring wealth and prosperity,
above silver and gold, preciousness and rarity

A flower ball of crimson glory,
timeless spirals of Lapis Lazuli
The scent of whitish crystals, smells of flowers,
the best tears burned, release their true powers

The perfumed smells of the Heavenly
The Holy Spirit poured out profusely
A purification of a holy transformation
Glowing vessels free by My fire and full inhabitation !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 23, 2016, 4:00 in the morning

In Noah’s Days

Oh, none of you will thoroughly understand,
to what extent,
I have called you and tried to draw you near,
but you wouldn’t hear

But, am I not the Lord of mercy?
In Noah’s days they had plenty
of warning, but they ignored the signs of Me
Still, My open arms are out for thee

Souls in the thousands will come to Me,
the chasm between good and evil will be defined sharply
What will come upon them suddenly is the tragedy,
a great persecution will start, you’ll see

My sheep will know My voice,
I administer healing, profound peace and grace
Now, do not wander but follow the path of your choice,
take your heart to prayer, finish the race

Again, it is the events that will come suddenly
upon the whole Earth, they will have the opportunity,
to wake up and repent,
to listen to those people that I will send

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 21, 2016, all during the day

Bride Of Yahushua Ha Mashiach

He is calling for His people to come up higher, to give birth,
before He will destroy those who are to destroy the earth
Prepare for a mighty transformation,
The Lord is looking for your heart and salvation

Shield yourselves with intercessory prayer,
assemble the troops on the wall
Come forth and gather together to the call,
the Holy Eagles come, so shall the vultures, beware

Do not be puffed up with pride,
for some will find, they are the guests and not the Bride
She must be spiritually mature,
old enough to marry, holy and pure

Arise, for your soon coming Bridegroom
I, Yahushua am the Good Shepherd and My Bride
is Her who will attend the Supper Room
Go out to meet Him ! a cry is heard at Midnight

May Your time be perfect on the Earth,
lay your life down, as for a rebirth
I gave you My Word, I will accomplish it,
Heaven can’t wait, to unseal it and submit

Come together in joyful celebration,
’cause I, I have given you a holy invitation
Come out of your fear
and into My arms, as time draws near

Heaven is about to burst,
to sing a song about rest and peace
When you are hungry and have a thirst,
accept My guidance and be at ease !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 19, 2016, 4:35 in the morning

The Glory Of The Latter House

Come to Me My children, come to Me,
come to My Homeland, to watch and see
I’ll show you My whereabout,
where all the powers and angels shout

I’ll hold you in My arms to have a look,
to all that splendour that the enemy took,
to take you by the hand for Heaven’s sake,
so you can see all these things I will make

Take no thought of your life, I say,
by all them thoughts and sorrows to pray
Hold your heads up high to see,
that all coming tomorrows, you’re going to be free

The Lord will reign in Zion in the midst of the enemy,
light and truth shall radiate as giving birth
The knowledge of YaHuWaH shall cover the earth,
as the waters cover the sea

Angelic fellowship will be granted as a shower,
to those who are faithful and true
Oh, Heavenly Father come with Your power
and show Your truth to us anew !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 17, 2016, all during the day

Let My Beloved Come

My yoke is easy and My burden is light,
sorrow and sighing flee away, for the day breaks forth in delight
Behold the wonder of these things,
can your vessel contain its majestic truth, that it brings?

Oh, come wind and blow upon
My Bride and I, two as one !
Her love is pure and her eye is upon Me,
she is breath-taking and full of splendour, there is no spot in thee

Oh, the glory and the joy upon My heart,
I long so greatly to hold her closer and not apart
You shall sit at our feet and be fed by our hand,
My Love, you will come away with Me, as you ascend

Your lips, oh My spouse, drip as the honeycomb,
honey and milk are under your tongue
A spring shut up, a fountain sealed,
a garden enclosed is My sister, with pleasant fruits in the field

Fragrant trees of frankincense,
myrrh and aloes so intense
Awake oh north wind, and come oh south,
blow upon My garden, by the word of My mouth

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 16, 2016, 3:25 in the morning

Baptism With Fire, Demonstrate His Power and Might

Come all you My people, come to Me,
I’ll hold My arms open for thee
My strength and peace I will give,
so you will receive Me and shall live

I will baptise you with My fire,
so you can step into My desire
I want you to be great on the earth for Me,
to demonstrate My power in front of the enemy !

Gemstones and light beams I will give,
garments of praise on your clothes
A heavenly seal so that you may live,
with the Holy Spirit of promise to expose

Heaven has a golden door,
so you may enter into
Whoever wants to ask Me for more,
you will be raised way up, to have a view

You will smell aroma’s, one of My Bride prices,
higher and higher, on the Mountains of Spices
Miles and miles of waterfalls flow,
and the rocks change colors as you go

Passionate paradise, worship in high praise,
YaHuWaH gives His song and you’ll begin to raise
One day I will set up Earth to receive revelations,
people are going to know Me by these demonstrations

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 14, 2016, 2:55 in the morning

Baptism With Fire, Restoration Of The Body

Heaven is about to invade,
those who are able to be await,
who wants to embrace the Light
and be filled by My power and might

Keys to the Kingdom I will give,
so you can follow them and live,
to activate My will to receive,
My ways and glory in believe

Hold out your hands and say,
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done
on Earth as it is in Heaven, to pray
and believe in Him, Whom these plans are from

You will be consumed by Holy Fire,
by angels given, touching all flesh
I’ll give you a new name and My desire,
so you can be My chosen and operate to bless

Now run your race to the goal,
to rule and reign with Me,
protected and guided by My assembly,
say, let it come and prepare thee !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 12, 2016, all during the day

Lord Of Lords And King Of Kings

There are portals and eyes
and Your creatures in the skies
They bring Your messages from above
and are proclaiming Your care and love

They are wonderfully made and fierce,
carrying Your glory and pierce
through every barricade and resistance
and are willingly working persistence

Indeed, there are signs and wonders in the sky,
You will unlock them for the human eye
The Host of angels are fighting in the air,
they are operating on behalf of our welfare

How wonderful You made all this,
it’s beyond the human mind, for His
thoughts and ways are higher,
they are filled with Your presence and fire

We will rule and reign in Him,
we are lords of the Lord and kings of the King,
we will cooperate with Your heavenly army,
we will restore what is broken by Your power of attorney

Your Holy Spirit dwells in my soul,
You proclaim the Heavens and eternal goal,
that all one day, be One with Yahushua
and the Father, Who by His Word made it all

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 10, 2016, all during the day

The Voices Of The Heavens

This is my Father’s world and to my listening ears
all nature sings
and round me rings
the music of the spheres

Everything proclaims Your voice,
the Heavens declare the glory, rejoice !
Travels of lightning whistlers are to be heard,
night after night they display Your word

The sky proclaims the work of Your hands,
day after day they talk about Your plans
We’ll travel on music and ride on beams of light,
we’ll create rainbow bridges by declaring against the night

We are His offspring,
He knows everybody who comes from Him
We played in the River of Life, like in the water of the womb,
we’ll move in and out on rays of glory through the ‘Groom

He holds the air that i breathe in His hand,
He formed me; this is your time on the land
One day we will be feeding on the glory,
He will be our food; it’s Heavens’ Story !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 8, 2016, 3:10 in the morning

A Wind Of Change

My Lord, You are intimately involved in my life,
You will thoroughly purge Your floor
You have touched my lips and opened a door,
my guilt is taken away and my sin is atoned for

Have faith in Me I say,
It will be as you pray,
you will shine like the stars above,
I will cover you with My Love

Leap for joy My child,
shout out in praise I say,
for the Lord has blessed thee,
you will be for ever free

There is anointing on the way,
it is for ever to be with and to stay
It is a surprise that’s for sure,
I’ll give you My presence furthermore

Now, open up your heart
and say I receive
It will be the start
of a cleansing in believe

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 6, 2016, 3:36 in the morning

Arise And Shine, Jerusalem A Cup Of Trembling

There will be a day of fire and of lightning,
a day of bright and of shame,
’cause the Lord will appear in His might
and nothing will no longer be the same

Lift your heads up high,
for My people redemption is nigh
Open your hearts to receive
My heavenly Love in believe

Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling,
behold, great earthquakes will squatter the nations
There will be a holy assembling
and a day of dead reckoning

In My fury they will be destroyed, they rose and fell
Sin and sickness will no longer be,
on the Mountain of Zion I will dwell,
from there they will reign and be free

Shout, and the trumpets will blow,
’cause horses and chariots are running fast
Agony and pain in the shadows will show,
My angels will be shifting=lifting what must

Your arches and towers of Baal will be put to flight,
pride and injustice will no longer be
On Mount Zion and over My assembly,
a cloud by day and a glow by night,
for over all the glory will be a canopy

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 4, 2016, all during the day

Awaiting The King, A New Season

The sound of Your voice gives tears on my face
My child, you have been given an eternal place
What I say will come to pass,
have faith and you will be dancing on living grass

Yes, judgement is coming for sure,
but Yahushua will keep His own from war
Nothing can separate us from the Love of the Father through the Son,
the power of life and death is in your tongue

The Earth is in her shadow and in death,
people full of fear running around,
preoccupied and not aware of Your breath,
obsessed and earthly bound

I will show My power, My glory, My presence
that will shake this earth and will astound hell
I will change the sleep of the angels in the Heavens,
My Spirit of Truth in your spirit will dwell

Love will lift you up above,
out of the angry wave
Come out of her, My people
by the power I already gave !

Your glory is going to surround the Body,
as a great bubble it will be
When the world suffers, you are going to see,
My protection and provision because of Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 2, 2016, 3:25 in the morning

Yahushua, Son Of The Master Carpenter

You took a seed and knit Me inside
My mother’s womb and blessed Me,
to hide Me from the enemy,
to be taken to a safe place, to become the Light

You gave Me birth in a human form,
not to take over the night by storm,
but to take Me softly by the hand,
to tell Me stories about a promised land

From childhood You have raised Me up,
You were there when I hold a little cup
You know Me through and through,
You told Me about Heaven, because that’s of You

You comforted Me when I was hurt,
I gave You pleasure from My birth
How You adored Me to be around,
in My Fathers House I was to be found

I came to My people, but was not heard,
they hardened their heart and mind
But My Father knows it when even a little bird,
opens its feathers, but is not find

Take Me to Your Heaven’s place,
so I can adore You by Your grace
and be with You for eternity,
that I will be for ever free

I will bring them who belong to Me,
to Your Throne in front of Thee
and present them to My Father’s Love,
so You can hold them there above

May Your star now shine, like in Bethlehem,
’cause we are chosen out of them
and will be raised like You above,
to know You made everything of Grace and Love

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 1, 2016, all during the morning

Tell The World

Call upon Me, for I am still here,
I AM the fountain of Life, crystal clear,
bread will be given and not a stone,
living water will be sure, it flows out of My Throne

Tell the world I’m coming soon
Tell the world I reach for you
Tell the world I will be here to stay, all the way

Let some heavenly dew descend cool upon our apart,
Your drop of Life on the dry selfishness,
a glance of Your light on the cloudy hopelessness,
’cause You can fill the emptiest heart

Tell the world I’m coming soon
Tell the world I reach for you
Tell the world I will be here to stay, all the way

Let us worship the King of Glory, and shout Him praise,
You will reign in perfect righteousness through Your ways
And the Glory of the Lord will be revealed,
and all mankind will see it and be kneeled

Tell the world I’m coming soon
Tell the world I reach for you
Tell the world I will be here to stay, all the way

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 31, 2016, 3:50 in the morning

Arise And Shine !

Arise and shine all you sisters and brethren,
all of you who has been like asleep,
for this morning you’ve all been called
to be part of all My sheep

Stand up all you dry bones, I will cover thee
I will rouse that essence of life in you, call again upon Me
Troubled soul, you are not bound to feel,
but you are bound to arise, so kneel

For we have offended The Holy One
and if He is fair
He gives all what we deserve,
the One that even counted each hair

Believe in Yahushua, choosing the good, refusing the evil,
Satan’s government will fall
Come out of them My people, resist the devil,
can you hear the Master call ?

The trumpets are sounding loud and clear,
there is war, on sickness and on sin, oh fear !
Ye nations, come to the mountain of the Lord,
Your government is set in place, Your law is going forth

A bow without an arrow and a string can do little harm,
but My arrows are sharp in the heart of My enemies, sound the alarm !
Cause you, Prince Harry, son of the devil, you will not be the one,
I will give My Kingdom’s Reign to My Only Begotten Son !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 30, 2016, 3:50 in the morning

Yahushua, The Lion Of Judah

Seek Me and you will be heard,
embrace My truth and the holy word,
for I have all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,
I break the yoke and every bondage

I chose the foolish things of the world,
to confound the wisdom of the wise
Everyone who has a need, could be heard,
but should not lean the ear to any lies

Hope is not in vain and has everlasting power,
I was the One who is slain and I will lead you in this Hour
When all is dark and there is no vision,
I have for you a special commission

Now open up your heart and say I receive it,
for it will be for the benefit
of those who have rejected My work of salvation
Beyond My signs and wonders, I give My inhabitation

Lord of Hosts, You are the Life, You are the Word !
You are a great eagle with great wings, a wonderful bird
Your words dwell in the conscious of the human eye,
like seeds of light sown upon a blue sky

Our thoughts and feelings sink on the human shore,
but You have Your works for me, how I adore
Your righteousness and power like never before
You are Yahushua, the Lion of Judah, and You will roar !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 29, 2016, 3:25 in the morning

The Son Of Righteousness

Let go of the past and embrace the day,
’cause I am doing something NEW
It will not be for the many, just for the few,
a stroke of light is on the way

I want you to hold out your hands and trust Me,
the more you believe, the more you will see
A leap of faith is what it takes,
before what is unfold and the night breaks

Take courage in what I show you,
bring about what I need you to do
Strength is what the Holy Spirit will bring,
He will guide you and bless you within

Dear daughter, stand up and rise,
’cause there is a way and it is a surprise
Let your heart not be burdened in any way,
I’ll hold you by the hand and show you the day

Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice,
indifference or rebellion covers that with noise
But great expectations for those who fear My Name,
who honor and trust Me and don’t be in shame

You help us to see things as they really are,
the Son of Righteousness is a rising star
One day His rise will reach its noonday brightness,
with healing in its wings and in pure lightness

The wind of change is coming,
You will reveal what Your heart is longing
You will blow things into place,
we will see new things in new ways

Oh, You will walk with me,
You will talk with me
on that Road of Galilee,
this will be a year of Jubilee

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 27, 2016, all during the day

Yahushua, Prince Of Peace

Your presence brings me peace,
it surpasses understanding and calms my soul
A gentle touch of a golden breeze,
burns within and makes me whole

Oh Lord, You have redeemed me,
You have called me by my name
You truly love me dearly,
my life has never been the same

You will keep me and protect me,
hide me in Your secret place
Your presence gives me courage and victory,
how I adore You by Your grace

You are the same, yesterday, today and forever,
the riches of Your glory will be seen
You shall rise and shine and gather,
to unveil those who are clean

Oh, my Savior and my Precious,
my Guide and my Heart
You have delivered me from evil,
You have set me apart

You will take care of me and lead me by the hand,
You will guide me to Your Homeland,
You will reign as the Prince of Peace in Your Kingdom,
You will establish everlasting righteousness in all Your wisdom

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 26, 2016, 4:00 in the morning

Trust In Me, The Lord’s Presence

I’ll be there who cry out to Me,
who are in despair, to set them free,
who is in need in this time of sorrow,
who thinks there will be no more tomorrow

Let them lift up their heads to above,
I have with Me eternal Love
Why don’t you give your life to Me ?
I have given My Life for thee

Please guide me through Your ways,
you ask Me in despair,
to open up the days,
that justice will be fair

My child, I have the power,
I will be there in the Hour
of great darkness and pain,
all of My enemies, they will be slain

Trust in Me, ’cause I AM,
the Eternal and the Son of Righteousness,
the One who died for your sins, the Lamb
I AM here, I AM the One to address

Praise His Name, He is the One,
He has the power, the only Son
Heaven has an eternal Kingdom
and He has the key to all freedom

Hold on tight, throughout the night,
you will be present of My might
Now open up your hands to receive,
give your heart to Me and believe

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 25, 2016, 4:44 in the morning

A New Creation

You have unsealed My lips,
to speak of the truth,
about things to come,
Yes, let Your will be done

Oh, come heavenly power, come,
send Your glory to the world,
that people will hear some,
Your message should be heard

That Your light may shine,
through ‘stars and stripes’ from above,
that the meaning of Your message,
is eternal Love

He, Yahushua, is His Name,
has given His blood,
has died for you in shame,
He has the rainbow, no more flood

The Creator has given it all,
the meaning was even before the fall,
to have His people, who were lost,
have them with Him, at any cost

So shout out creation in all happiness,
Heaven, Earth and all the powers,
valleys, mountains, waters and flowers,
that He is coming to reign in truthfulness

He will make everything anew,
by His Word that is spoken,
that will be true,
all spells will be broken

Blessed is He who has the key,
to open up the Book of Life,
let Him reign for ever and ever in eternity

Amen, Amen, Amen

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 24, 2016, 3:00 in the morning

Let Us All Be One

Come in the presence of the King,
all you ones who have received
the truth, and not to be deceived,
take up your cross and start to sing

Glory HalleluYaH, Let us all be one

Take My cup of blood,
to be purified within,
to be strengthened without pride,
to reign as priests by My side

Glory HalleluYaH, Let us all be one

Pray and repent, oh children of the day,
that Your will be done in every way,
’cause the nations will drink the cup of trembling,
it will be the time of great suffering

Glory HalleluYaH, Let us all be one

Keep the words of My patience and be awake,
bow your knees and pray
My commandments are there to keep,
hold on to My words every day

Glory HalleluYaH, Let us all be one

The Hour of darkness will come very soon,
lightning will strike and everything gloom
But those who are under My command,
open up the Light and make a stand

Glory HalleluYaH, Let us all be one

Now hear and listen what I say,
hold on tight to Me every day
The closer the morning, the closer the call,
hold on to My hand, so you won’t fall

Glory HalleluYaH, Let us all be one

There will come a time of roaring and pain,
it will be hardly able to bear and to restrain,
your faith will be tested in every way,
stay within My strength and don’t fall astray

Glory HalleluYaH, Let us all be one

I will be there to comfort those,
who hold on to the Light and stay very close

Glory HalleluYaH, Amen

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 22, 2016, all during the day

Heaven Has A Rainbow, A Song

Dance with Me
Oh, dance with Me

Heaven has a rainbow
Heaven has a rainbow
Heaven has a rainbow
Dance with Me

Come, dance with Me
Daughter dance with Me
Hold your arms around Me
Hold Me tight, just trust Me
Heaven has a rainbow
Dance with Me

Oh, Heaven has a rainbow
Heaven has a rainbow
Heaven has a rainbow
Trust in Me

Cause, Heaven has a rainbow
Heaven has a rainbow
Heaven has a rainbow
Dance with Me

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 21, 2016, all during the day

Abide In Me, A Hymn

Guard your heart with Love,
with faith and glory from above
Stay with Me, stay with Me, oh
I have set you free

I’ve given you it all,
by receiving My heart’s call,
you’ve answered to Heaven’s pray,
to follow Me every day

Follow Me, Follow Me, oh
I have set you free

Say Your Kingdom come,
Your will be done
on Earth as it is in Heaven,
now give praise all you brethren

Believe in Me, believe in Me, oh
I have set you free

A knock is heard on wood,
where once your Savior stood
Don’t question Me anymore,
but open up the door

Abide in Me, I abide in thee, oh
I have set you free

The Father has given Light,
by abiding in His Son’s delight

Abide in Me, I abide in thee, oh
I have set you free,
so I can eat with you
and you will eat with Me

So I can eat with you, oh
and you will eat with Me,
’cause you belong to Me !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 20, 2016, 3:33 in the morning

The Upward Calling

This writing is for the call,
’cause it’s My great desire, even before the fall,
to have those near Me in My City,
to be with Me for eternity

Now fight that good fight,
’cause the latter rain will fall,
to receive My inhabitation
of My Holy Spirit before all devastation

For all the world will be known,
who I AM, that is to be shown,
by brighter lights above,
it will be an outburst of My Love

Have mercy on our soul,
you’ll cry out in despair,
if you are not answering the call,
to be a part of the inner square

Show My light from morning till evening,
keep on going till it is time
Hope will be ever so pleasing,
to bear My light, you’ll be all Mine

Hold on fast My precious children,
to what the Word=Lord has told you
Now is the time for sorrow,
there will be no more same tomorrow

‘Cause lightning and thunder will come,
flames and fire will strike,
the sun will not be able to shine,
there will be a desperation, never the like

Darkness will cover the earth,
great lights coming from above,
the Earth will shout in its birth
and will cry out for My everlasting Love

I will be coming in My glory,
My rewards are with Me, I say,
who will give thanks to the Lord’s story
and look out for Me and pray

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 18, 2016, all during the day

For Ever Free

Your Love fills the deepest need,
companionship is Your heart’s desire
We will bow before Your feet,
so You can cleanse us by Your Holy Fire

Your words will be bind to the heart,
to be filled with exceedingly pleasure,
that are kept as a hidden treasure,
for those who have an obedient start

Your ways go from glory to glory,
as we lift up our expectations higher
To be part of Your everlasting story,
Your Love is our greatest desire

Your waters are forever flowing,
on light beams we go round and round,
as we as Your children are growing,
in rivers and fountains dwells Your sound

To hear what Your Spirit is saying,
He leads us on Your righteous path
Fulfilling what Your law is proclaiming,
to come forward what the Heavens are praying

To live in Your heavenly mansions,
so beautifully made and bright,
especially prepared for us to be in Your light,
to be with You and breathe in Your sight

To see the Heavens opened to Your presence,
diamonds and sapphires, so stunningly bright
Records held in Your books provide us the right,
to feel Your Love gives extreme delight

To smell the living grass and divine nature,
that will astound us while talking with our Savior
The fragrance of Your flowers ever so sweet,
to let us adore You, You’ll fill all our need

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 17, 2016, 6:05 in the morning

Talk To Me

I am just a human being,
filthy in disguise,
but You have a special meaning,
to open up my eyes

To see Life in the Spirit,
to see through eternity,
to see Your meaning of existence,
in ever so clarity

May we embrace Your power,
to help us through the night,
on this special hour,
that we will not take our flight

So we won’t forget to say,
to practice every day
and learn Your word of prayer,
have mercy on our way

There is pure water in the Crystal Sea,
that cleans us from bad memory,
to open up things to come,
before all blessings have been gone

So in this to know to be a righteous path,
in Your heavens to love the merciful bath
To hold on fast what in Your word is told,
to know what Your secrets for us hold

May we, who are Your chosen ones, grow
and shine in splendour through Your ways
To embrace the Light like an unending stone,
laid out in valleys of evermore brighten days

Oh Father, we thank You for Your beams of Love,
shining all from out Your Throne Room
That we the Bride will meet the ‘Groom,
to receive Your glory from above

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 16, 2016, 5:30 in the morning

My Heavenly Bride

White dresses are to wear,
give praise to Him and lift hands high
Be faithful you and don’t you dare,
to crucify Him once more, take care

Now obedience is what it takes,
to stay holy and uptight
Don’t lean your heart till sorrow breaks,
but give thanks to Him, you’ll be all right

Oh, how I love you and adore,
to have you close to Me
Your laughter throughout eternity,
’cause I, I have set you free

Precious gifts I have for you,
they are gently waiting in the store
Gemstones and light beams from afar,
graciously hidden like a star

But only for those who obey My word,
who will receive it, after you’ve heard
Now is the time to lift up He,
who is on the threshold of eternity

Great expectations for those ones,
who are in favor of My Light
Of those who have a hunger
and dwell in My delight

Have you ever asked yourselves why,
I have died for you and sigh ?
Don’t carry that burden anymore,
I have come and made a swore

That all through eternity,
it’ll be like a hidden treasure,
to find and receive salvation,
it is not for Mine own pleasure

I have come like a lamb,
with My hands pierced through
Your heads received My stamp,
take My blood and you’ll be anew

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 15, 2016, 5:45 in the morning

To My Heavenly Flock

Power and Glory
are given to Me
Talk to Me and listen,
for I AM the Kingdom
and have the key
of eternal wisdom

Go and find,
don’t stay behind
for what I have in store for you,
in My love you will abide

Heaven is awaiting,
to stay close to the heavenly Bride,
to conquer the enemy of evil,
hope and fears are gone,
no more restrain,
don’t let your heart rest now,
in everlasting pain

Come to Me My child,
I walk with you in My garden,
I’ll hold you by the hand,
the Whom who has been slain,
has given everlasting glory
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
let Them stay by your side,
don’t let fear come to your mind

Now dwell in awe and in delight,
give thanks to Him and praise
Stay close to Me, oh brethren,
lean your heart to Me, oh sisters,
’cause I am going to show you
the Love I had to bear

For power and light alike,
shall be given to you once more,
in eternity I delight,
I AM the open door

Stay with Me and guard your heart,
rest in Me in peace,
for so ever who has an ear,
shall have everlasting cheers

Heaven is eternal, and has it’s own,
-taken up with your guardian angels-
stay close with Me to be known
For once more I will give them glory,
who will stay with Me and rise
So young and old are here for ever
let it all come forward for the better

Abide in Me you righteous,
give praise and glory to My Name
Signs and wonders are given,
the help I will give to your brethren
Hold on tight, don’t give up,
stay with Me and hold Me fast

My glory will be for ever and ever,
don’t leave yourselves behind
Stay and rest now children,
hold your heads up tight

Stay close to My heart,
hear the thunder roaring
That is just the start
of an everlasting mourning

Grieve and pain will be around,
for ever to abound
Those who refuse My ways,
that will be the sound

But you My precious one,
has an eternal household
To share with Me My eternal truth,
so it will be told

Don’t be afraid of the dark,
it comes and goes as time goes by
Rain and hail and lightning,
on the starry shiny sky

I will lift you up My Body,
trust in Me I say
For Yahushua Messiah is returning,
for ever on earth to stay

Stay tuned oh darling,
My beloved one, My precious and My pride
For there will be heavenly bells singing and a shout
and you will be for ever gone,
My Heavenly Bride

So we’ll stand hand in hand,
before the Throne of Grace
Let the fire of Your Love,
fill all of empty space

In this final hour,
we will plea our hands up high
and filled with Your Holy Power,
we’ll be lift up in the sky

Heavens up above,
await in great expectation,
the everlasting Love,
of your destination

So now the time has come,
to believe He sits in heavenly places
He is there to await you,
follow in His footsteps and traces

Don’t deny His truth for you,
He will change you and lift you high
Courage and grace given by Him
are stored up to meet you in the sky

A song of wonder
A song of praise
A song of everlasting grace
An outburst of My Spirit
in outer space

Come to Me My darling,
come to embrace Me in My power
and Might
Stay for the Hour,
in pure delight

Oh My darling,
Oh My Bride,
seek My Glory,
not your pride
Come and let Me fill you,
seek Me through the night,
embrace My Holy power
and let it all be turned to light

For your Heavenly Father,
loves you dearly and desires,
to hold you to His chest
Seek Him so you can see ever so clearly,
the anointing is on His breast

Stay tuned in up righteousness
and let Me fill you with My power
Hope is not in vain,
but has an everlasting shower
of sprinkled water that will start to rain

Do you hear Me, oh My precious,
shout out in joy and pure delight,
for I will give you pure stones and honey,
My secrets are no longer for hide

Follow Me where ever I go,
seek Me where I AM
I am there to comfort you,
those who are weary and slain,
I will strengthen you,
it is all not for vain

Clap your hands and stamp your feet,
for now is the time for glory
Heaven is about to burst,
on His time there unfolds a story
and you will be the first

Pray let Your will be done,
say yes and in honour,
for there is a time,
that soon will be gone

● ● ● ● ● ● ●