Glowing Vessels

Revelation Of Heaven On Earth

Heavenly Hosts are making their outlines in the skies,
they are clearly seen, but in disguise
Around are spiritual kingdoms, spiritual places,
for angels to go in and out of, to make their traces

Not called but chosen for this time and season,
anointed for My work for a special reason
Manifestations in many supernatural ways,
spiritual levels of authority in these days

Even shadows will heal who hear Me,
for My healing Balm of Gilead shall be in My army
It will bring wealth and prosperity,
above silver and gold, preciousness and rarity

A flower ball of crimson glory,
timeless spirals of Lapis Lazuli
The scent of whitish crystals, smells of flowers,
the best tears burned, release their true powers

The perfumed smells of the Heavenly
The Holy Spirit poured out profusely
A purification of a holy transformation
Glowing vessels free by My fire and full inhabitation !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●