Little Stones

20 Years Old: Your Voice Opened Up A Longing

In a crowded art room speaks, out of the blue,
my name, twice, while a man’s voice is heard
Surprised i look up, to see if i knew,
who crossed my way, but none spoke a word

Such kind a sound, who addressed me so,
like a love mark by which to go ?
My worth unknown but, could it be ?
‘you doubt your value, don’t run from Me’

A sensation of a desire, i knew not before,
whispered life in an outworn theme
Faith moves things it fears no more,
and imprints within a living image of a solid dream

I AM the door, see Me on the inside,
say, ‘speak Lord, for i shall hear !’
Through a window of time, to do what is right,
an etched echo resound, from far off to oh so near

● ● ● ● ● ● ●