A Jewish Wedding II


From this day forward …

This is the story about the beauty of the wedding between the Khatan and the Kalah, the bridegroom and the bride.

The Mathan, the gift of love of the Spirit
So the Bridegroom leaves her house of time and space. He returned to the house of eternity. The two are separate now. But according to the mystery, the Bridegroom sends His Bride a gift. The Mathan, the gift of love of the Spirit, to beautify her, to reassure her of His love and a token of His presence, and encourage her in her days of separation. For now according to the mystery, they must dwell separately. So they are separate, but everything is different. She is no longer the daughter of her house. She is now the Bride. She is betrothed now. They must be separate, but not like before. For now they are separate for only one purpose; to prepare themselves for each other and for eternity.

The time of your betrothal
And so now is the time of your betrothal if you revered Him. And the voice of your Groom says to you: we must be separate now. Not because of distance, but because this is your betrothal room and because this is the time you have, the only time you have, to prepare yourself. For one day, the day will be finished and that will be it. And so, do not look by your eyes. If you look at your house, it will look the same. Though you may dwell the same dwelling, you are in it, but you are no longer of it. Once that’s all you had, but now you have something better. And when you look at your circumstance, know that you are not of your circumstance anymore, you are Mine ! When you look at your past, know you are no longer of your past. For now you are the Kalah and nothing of this world, of this house, can claim you. You are not owned by this house, or anything of it, anymore.

I will be there !
You are free of all things. That’s our covenant, so stand in it. I have opened the doors of your life, keep it open. This is the time of our pledge, this is the time. No matter what you go through, know that I will be there, wherever you go, whenever you feel distance, I will be there. I will possess you and ours is a secret love, so meet Me in the days of our separation, in the secret place. For this is our Kiddushin, the time of our pledge. When we prove our love for each other. So keep yourself pure and keep yourself faithful and keep Me as your first love. Don’t give yourself to any other, for you are only made for this.

Preparation time
And now this world, this life, is no longer your home, though it is now your bridal chamber. It is here, everything you go through in life, good and bad, is here to prepare you and make you more beautiful. I will work all things for good, so don’t waste the time, this is your preparation ! Don’t get distracted, for it’s the only time you have. You aren’t here to get caught up in the house, you are to leave the house. You are here to learn how to say goodbye. Let go of your claims and say goodbye to the temptations and the pain. You aren’t here for that. You become more beautiful, to be My everlasting companion.

Your second house
And while you prepare yourself, I’ll be busy, for I am preparing a place for you ! Where your joy waits, a house unlike anything you have known. Your first house fades away, but your second house is forever. Your new house is been under construction for thousands of years. So trust Me, it’s better ! Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of anyone conceive, what I have prepared for you. And you are of this house. So whatever you are going through, know that you are not of this, keep your eyes up. Keep your heart fixed and keep your treasures up there and none can take that away from you.

The Khatan comes a second time !
And the Bridegroom said: I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am you may be also. So that according to the mystery, the days of the separation must come to an end. And the Khatan according to the mystery must come a second time. One more time. The first was to make His pledge and His covenant. The second though: it’s for celebration ! The second is to take her home !

Are you ready to go home ?
And so He left with the promise to come again. And all who receive Him, receive Him twice: first in secret and then they behold Him face to face. The first time He comes in quietness with no fanfare. The second time there is a lot of fanfare. The second time all eyes are upon Him. So He says: Be ready, keep your lights burning, for you know not when your Bridegroom comes. And then you will see Him, who you have believed by faith. You will see Him, who you have been pledged. What was in secret, you will see Him with your eyes.

Across time and space
The Khatan of all existence will reign as a king, to be dressed up with His fine linen and all His glory. And He will, with His companions the angels, journey one more time to the house of the Bride. Not across the village, but across time and space, with a great procession, all eyes upon Him to the house of His Bride. And she, the Kalah, you are to be cleansed and spotless and beautiful and ready to go home. For then it will be revealed who you are: the Kalah ! And then her maidens see the torches and the signs of His coming, and they will cry out: Behold the Bridegroom comes ! And then He will come to meet you, this time in glory. And you’ll be ready. And you will stand outside your house, on the entrance in the doorway, on the watch of leaving your house. So the voice of the Bridegroom calls to the Bride, even now, and it says: Come away My Beloved !

Come away with Me !
Come away with Me, it is now time, leave the old behind, step out of your father’s house, step out in faith and journey with Me. Come away My Beloved, there is nothing to fear, there is nothing but joy awaiting you when you come with Me. Leave the old and enter the new. For the winter is over, it is time for joy. I have come this time to take you home.

You and He, remove your veil
And then the two will stand there. You will be ushered to your Groom. You are standing there, He your Khatan, you His Kalah. The One to through your whole days you prayed to, Who answered your prayers, Who took you out of the pit, Who kept you and you loved Him, though you didn’t see Him, and now you will see Him. Your secret Friend. And the Bridegroom says to the Bride: Remove your veil. It is time to see each other face to face. And then He will wipe all the tears from your eyes. And when you remove your veil, He will say: I see no blemishes, I see no blemishes at all.

The mystery of the Kalah
You will see the mystery of the Kalah. Kalah means the bride, but it also means: the perfect one. For what bride is not the perfect one in the eyes of the groom ? And so even now, the Bride must learn to see herself through the eyes of the grace and the eyes of her Bridegroom and become as He sees you in His grace. His Perfect One, My Perfect One. But now we see through a glass, darkened, but then we will be face to face.

Lifted up
And then He’ll say something like this: It’s been a long time, it’s time to go home. And you will be lifted up together with Him on the wedding chair, by His companions the angels, and the procession will begin and you’ll be carried away by Him. Looking back and you’ll see the old house, the old life that’s fading, and fading, and fading. The earthly dwelling and it’s old life fading away and all it’s burdens, and the Bridegroom will say to the Bride: Don’t look back, it’s not your home anymore, it was never your home, it was only the place of your childhood and your preparation.

From the earthly to the heavenly
But now you will no longer dwell in a house that passes away. I am bringing you to an everlasting dwelling place. From the earthly to the heavenly, the house prepared for you and they’ll say: Look ! and then you’ll see it. The place the Bridegroom prepared for you. The place you set your heart on. It will be beyond anything you imagine and the procession will bring you there. You and the Bridegroom will stand and He’ll say: Now behold, here there are no more thieves to break in, here there are no more moths to devour, there is no more time to ravish, or make older, or weak, or fade away. A house where you can never be hurt again in a land of no more sorrow. For here there is no night, or darkness, or sorrow, or pain, or rejections, or wounds. And here all the sorrows of the first house are redeemed and all you did for Me, My Beloved, is now your treasure forever. And now your joy will be unspeakable. And He’ll bring you across the threshold.

The Chupah and the Cup of Joy
And then you’ll be showered by the blessings of His companions the angels, who will say: Blessed is the Khatan. Blessed are You, welcome Bridegroom and welcome Bride. And you’ll know then, for the first time in your life, that you are home. And He’ll take you under The Chupah, the symbol of His covenant. As it is said in that day: He will spread His chupah over His people. And all that is His is yours and you just be there, it is yours, it will be like that, in His presence. And there He will lift up a cup and He will say: In our betrothal was the cup of our covenant. We pledged our lives to each other back then, and now it’s the Cup of our Joy. For all your wanderings, was I not with you ? Was I not with you, did I ever leave you ? For My love is as strong as death. Many waters can not quench it, nor rivers overflow it. By this cup we shared in faith once, now let us share it in joy. And they will share.

The Two become One
Then comes the time of their confirmation, when the two slip away in the Bridegroom’s chamber. Which speaks of a mystery. We cannot grasp the Two shall become One. The Two shall be joined in Spirit, the Two shall become One and all you ever longed for or made to know, it will be done. And then the seven days of celebration, speaks of completion and perfection and for ever, and then shall there be perfect love, and perfect peace, and perfect joy. And you will be called ‘married’.

Forget not who you are
And the mystery will then be fulfilled and the voice of the Bridegroom calls now, one last time to you, His Beloved, and says: You were brought into existence because of My love, and for one purpose you exist: for My love. Your heart was formed to know My love, your soul was formed to know My presence and everything else doesn’t matter. For you were made to be My Kalah. And so on that day, the mystery of your existence, Kalah, and the mystery of My existence will be fulfilled. For I AM Love, and I have called you My Beloved, and I call you now. Forget not who you are, and why you are. Remember you are betrothed and bound for blessing. Stay close to My side. Keep your heart close to Mine, and keep your hope on your wedding day, and forget not the time you have. For the time will quickly go, and then we will stand face to face, Me and you. Be strong in hope and love until comes the day of our wedding.

Arise, My Beloved, Arise !
So My Beloved, My Beautiful One, leave the old behind and once and for all, let the door be closed. Leave it and let it go, and step out, and take My hand. For the Bridegroom says: Arise, My Beloved, He says. Arise, My Beloved, My Beautiful One, and come with Me. For behold, your winter is passed, your rains are over and gone. The wines have put forth their fragrance. The voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land and the time of rejoicing has come.

Come away with Me !
Arise, My Beloved, My Beautiful One, says your Redeemer. And come away with Me and I will bring you to a better place, to your everlasting dwelling place, in the house that will never pass away. I will bring you home to love and to joy, to peace and then you will know Me, and I you, and there I will give you My love, and there you will say: My Beloved is mine and i am His, and so it will be. And the mystery of the Bride and the Bridegroom will be complete, will be finished. And the mystery of the Bride and Bridegroom will have just begun, for ever lasting to ever lasting, for ever to ever and ever.

To be continued forever…