Poems 2022

July 22, 2022, all during the day

A Canopy Called Melody

What is this soft hush i visit, watchful in the dark ?
this preciousness, this gentleness, that lit a stable spark
In silence, surprisingly, it greets me,
unashamed, perfect in its mystery ?

A white linen cloth was placed over me
Look up ! For all to see, the writing on the sheet
Read the message, the way I planned it to be,
where in cocoons of dust, clues nestle, like a nursery

While pictures and names whirl, in darkness’ repeating quotes,
and line after line, a starry night profusely,
utters its jumping and voiceless notes,
in wonder i discover, a canopy called melody

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

July 15, 2022, all during the day

The Signs Of The Times

Look at the stars, Yahushua and the Bride,
It’s written all over ! It’s written all over !

Oh, My little fragrant white Jasmine’s,
take comfort My Loves, take courage, be strong
No detail is left ondone, look at the signs,
for I AM in charge with all that thus belong

Look at the stars, Yahushua and the Bride,
It’s written all over ! It’s written all over !

Now, i see Your star flowers everywhere,
they find their heart in a place made of gold
Why did i not see this before, it’s right there !
‘You are to be small, to enter the sheepfold’

Look at the stars, Yahushua and the Bride,
It’s written all over ! It’s written all over !

Relax, and look forward in anticipation,
all things are ready for the celebration
Continue to watch, the road signs are in place,
‘Oh, i see million names in the eyes of Maker’s face !

Look at the stars, Yahushua and the Bride,
It’s written all over ! It’s written all over !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

July 9, 2022, all during the day

The Key Of Freedom

Grace has followed deeply,
the path I have laid out for you
Now, will you follow Me through ?

Yes, My Lord, i will answer Your call
whole-heartedly, i’ll rest in Yahushua
The Door, The Darling of Heaven, The Son of Yah

I AM sharpening the red pencil,
of those who are humble and gentle
To cut deep between marrow and bone,
and place revelation on lips of My own

His Word opens up a crimson shine,
i touch the membrane at the two sides of the line
And looking up, press the key of freedom
in the wound, and turn, to be consumed

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

July 5, 2022, all during the day

I Like To Keep Secrets

Many things about Me
were not written down
Why do you think that might be ?
My Bride, I adore you, I’ll show you around

Call on Me, then I AM invited,
once we’re there, I AM sure you’ll be delighted
There is so much more, you do not know,
when I’ll find you waiting, then we’ll go

My Little-one, I’ve noticed your questioning eyes,
you love to explore, I love to surprise
Get ready then, I’ll show you the signs of the times,
take notes, I’ll cast My heart into My rhymes

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

June 26, 2022, all during the day

Don’t You See ?

Lord, i’ve seen Your wonderful rainbow lately !
‘Yes, you are being prepared for your journey’
Yahushua lifted me of the ground,
and spun me around and around, playfully

You are so wonderful, and so much fun,
why don’t they get it what You have done ?
You are like no painting i’ve ever seen !
‘No seed grows in darkness, they’re blind of the green’

‘Look around you, Kyria, everything has purpose under the sun,
everything has a pattern, an order of time to come
That all points My lambs Home to Me,
indeed, all of this is already in place, don’t you see ?’

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 15, 2022, all during the day

Fly Like An Eagle

Fly My dearest child, fly high !
nothing is holding you back, rainbows in the sky
With words, sketch the wonder of it all,
no greater Name than IS, for you to call

Fly high then, little sister, My companion, My bride,
let the Spirit move you, in the midst of the night
The Eagle will not let you fall,
’cause it is I, I will catch you when you stumble

Feel free therefore, like a bird within its nest,
keep your eyes on the cross, wrapped up in My rest
Into the bosom of My heart, I’ll hold you tight,
now spread your arms wide and fly the height !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

April 2, 2022, 14:41 in the afternoon

The Almond Tree

In the heart of winter, became the almond tree,
covered with blossoms, Oh, what vanity !
began to jeer the trees around,
Oh, what insolence ! they screamed out loud

Just think, it believes it can bring spring in this way !
Blushed for sheer shame, the almond flowers say:
My dear sisters, i didn’t mean to blossom, but suddenly
a warm springtime breeze i felt, soft as music, light as spray

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

March 6, 2022, 10:17 in the morning

A Dream

Dressed, a beautiful lace ribbon’ gown giv’n to wear,
with locks curl’d of long brown hair
Young, i wave close Heavens’ abode,
where bright, in shining white, faces showed

On fair field, smiling, standin’ on green land,
familiar they seem, moving goodbye hand
A divine light-beam forges their peaceful accord,
as i turn, towards ‘Trust’, awaiting to be restored

A breeze carries me, around Tree’ shady place,
long ago formed branches, welcome-wide hidd’n grace
Low leaves show sleepy sign, this is ‘Just For You’,
an invitation underwrites ‘Meet your midnight rendezvous !’

From a short distance a tiny lamb, gently,
leaps on the changed, remote, rocky scenery
Joyful recognition strokes the curly fur; I AM right here,
i awoke, its humble closeness still safely near

● ● ● ● ● ● ●