4 January 2019, all during the day

If They Only Knew My Name

Made from dust, so earthly bound,
i am standing, like a stranger set apart
Yet, while fate gloomed on foreign ground,
suddenly a soft whisper passed the beating heart

‘If they only knew My Name’, breezed
a focus away from selfish aim
and as my sadness ceased,
Your mystery call so gently came

Why do they think they can figure Me out,
by the assumption of their doubt ?
Who can understand the whisper of it’s leaves,
when a tree is touched by the beginning of this breeze ?

A burning teaching, closely like the Emmaus’ Road,
reveals heaven’s code by which many souls will be fed
While pressed in thirsty sheet patiently i am showed,
‘they will know Me when I break the Body of the Bread’

● ● ● ● ● ● ●