Flowing Water

A New Creation

You have unsealed My lips,
to speak of the truth,
about things to come,
Yes, let Your will be done

Oh, come heavenly power, come,
send Your glory to the world,
that people will hear some,
Your message should be heard

That Your light may shine,
through ‘stars and stripes’ from above,
that the meaning of Your message,
is eternal Love

He, Yahushua, is His Name,
has given His blood,
has died for you in shame,
He has the rainbow, no more flood

The Creator has given it all,
the meaning was even before the fall,
to have His people, who were lost,
have them with Him, at any cost

So shout out creation in all happiness,
Heaven, Earth and all the powers,
valleys, mountains, waters and flowers,
that He is coming to reign in truthfulness

He will make everything anew,
by His Word that is spoken,
that will be true,
all spells will be broken

Blessed is He who has the key,
to open up the Book of Life,
let Him reign for ever and ever in eternity

Amen, Amen, Amen

● ● ● ● ● ● ●