Poems 2021

Wait On Me: My Response Is Always On Time

I AM taking pictures where the timelines overlap,
for you it may feel like an empty road map
Right now, many of you are at a seasonal low,
recognize My soft voice, this is the way to go

Carry on, in your heart no doubts,
guided by My whisper inward your spirit-house
Don’t try to move sandbanks with a spoon,
trust in My whirlwind that is coming soon

The How-part ? you won’t understand,
but the That-part is up to you
Obeying My instructions is all you need to do,
the rest is safely hidden, and in My hand

You don’t hear Me, because I don’t say anything,
but you handle it well by waiting on My rhyme
When uncertain, just wait and do nothing,
wait on Me, I AM here, and My response is always … on time

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Just Me And You: Roses Bloom In The Desert

In dry and dusty terrain, desert roses bloom,
the one road along not many want to travel
Come by yourselves, gone are the days you used to handle,
pull over, you need to make Me some room

Remember those crucial times I made you invisible ?
you already have memories of the seeming impossible
It’s there where the Sound of the Spirit becomes your part,
where you have never been before, is about to start

A new way, where I will teach you personally,
there, set apart people have to pass through
Lean on Me, learn to trust Me unconditionally,
the dwelling place of the overcomers, just Me and ‘all of’ you

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Hidden Treasures: Only For Those Who Find Them

With both the legs hanging down the one side,
she safely gripped the saddle, “just enjoy the ride”
A beautiful brown horse was standing in the house,
assuring her, “have no fears, no worries, no doubts”

She piled up inside the many questions and tried,
why are you here, and where are you going ?
“Little rider, to your heart my hand shall guide”,
while his groomed mane was swaying and flowing

She could sense his secrets touched her tender,
why she has this feeling, as if they belong together ?
“On my back i will carry you, when you’re willing to surrender,
crave the only place where treasures last forever”

Her desire arose, this amazing stallion was on a mission,
surely time would tell, why she was facing this direction
His answer came from the front, as if he could read her mind,
“My Name is the same, but only for those who seek and find”

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Trust Me: I Will Take Care Of It

Indeed You haven’t changed, You are still here,
it’s me, i’m holding back my fear
But why Your soft whisper stays away ?
Trust Me, I’ll take care of it, i heard You say

But, will You escort me through the right passage ?
Perhaps i misunderstood something in Your message ?
Why do we have to do things this way ?
Does He honestly love me as others always say ?

The unknown hush makes me uneasy at times,
why do i have to seek You between the lines ?
But i know, love that’s pure won’t lead me astray,
i trust You, You will take care of it, i did hear You say

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Hold On To Me: We Have To Keep On Moving Forward

Framed in a shower of delicate misty rain,
Your drawing directs a still to be discovered domain
Follow Me, where favor and rest unfurled,
tune this gateway to a deeper divine world

Hear the voices over continents, a need to be heard,
an insight of the Sounds of the Living Waters of the Word
Discover a fresh, new synergy, leave all that pass away,
a progress in unity, from a place of deep dismay

A bolt of lightning curved stunningly,
opened up an intense emerald shine,
and despite the veiled blurred memory,
recalls a history of Your hand, still holding mine

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

I Will Roar And Nobody Will Hold Me Back

Retrace what I’ve already said,
I’ve been showing you things all along
Build the faith, not in date, or time, or event,
in My Name is the strength to make you strong

You may experience a lack of My presence,
I want to tell you this is not the case,
but an expectation of pulling back the waves
Once I release My Breath, mighty events will bring Me reverence

When I’ll open the windows, and close certain doors,
winds will sweep over all My creation furiously
Witness the awakening of a parade of majesty,
the Lion of Judah, and the echoes of His roars

It will come as rhythms of thunder,
lay waste secret thoughts of one another
Don’t be offended, don’t push your own right,
put on the full armour, stand then, cling tight

Now, plug into My thinking, align to My way,
a child’s prayer is needed every day
Guard your heart well, rest assured in Who I AM
On My time, the Lion lies down with the Lamb

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The Four Winds Are Inhaling Their Mighty Breath

Kyria-daughter, do you feel the whispering breezes ?
I AM inhaling My Breath, drawing you closer
Be prepared, as the past quickly ceases,
before I’ll release the tides, faster than a roller coaster

Curtains pulled aside, softly breathe colors into oneness,
from four corners, overnight, i find myself with others
Windows of green, blue, red and golden-yellow,
somehow blow gentle, a building of crescendo !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●