Poems 2017

Sacred Salt

Upon my hearts’ doorpost prints a kiss,
while softened eye drops bring relief to tears
Whose salt as mine is this,
melting the ocean of my fears ?

Small and silent wonder of that endless hour,
passed through liquid of sacred power
As rain fell down from cloudy years,
meets thought Your presence, while she hears

It is “I”, the breath-drawing smile of our Dwelling Place,
where fair truth has nailed this inside grace
and calls companion to depths’ deeper longing,
out of a veil-sleep of believing in belonging

Let words create, past remembrance of sorrow,
My flaming song of hopes’ tomorrow
That lips may speak of realms yet unspoken
and taste of the promise of chains I have broken

An awakened desire will lit the spark,
warm in deepest part a sweet surrender
Time will leave a whisper through shadows of dark,
My love never fails, but endures forever

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

My Soul: Remember Your First Love

Oh Savior of my soul, draw me to remember
that first moment divine, timeless tender
through shades of night a longing to reveal
Your presence-dream, turning to be real

This feeling, whose heavenly touch from above
be it a mystery, before i had not known
Your peace’ whisper in perfumed silence shown
that waking’ morning, when there was love !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Draw My Rhyme: Cleansing On Display

Pencil lines on a sheet,
charcoal dust on the drawing
Breath will clear as we meet,
a vision before you is unfolding

A change of plans, a new verse shall make
your kissing’ hand to be wide awake
A guiding light shines in your eyes,
to bring you there, where our beauty lies

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Come And Rest

I call you out to join My army
I call you out to join your destiny
I call you out to join My shelter of refugee
I call you out to join My fragrance to be free !

You who taste of My tears
You who drink deeply from My cup
That before your very eyes brightly appears,
a silver wave of golden years lighting up !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

My Army: Practice The Realm Of The Spirit

Love is at His Mercy Seat,
holding back the pain
Surrender to Me and you’ll feel the beat,
the One that has been slain

Close your eyes and see beyond,
worlds of power, worlds of trust
From place to place and I’ll be in front,
to Me you belong, in Me you are just

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Feast On Him ! Feast On Him !

Picture with Me a drawing to withdraw,
completely new, this moment to recall
Hear the beat of My heart, a rhythm of a rhyme,
Come ! lean upon My chest, I empower you in time !

Hidden treasures, deep secrets in My presence, I will reveal,
closer, even closer still, divine words to unseal
Filling in spaces, in ancient days unknown,
from within the Inner Place, My glory to be shown !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Christ Fullness Of Time: Everything For Him To Shine

Full moon shines fair against the dark,
divine breath has left it’s holy mark
His peace is she, a fruitful witness of His mouth,
death where is your sting ? where is your drouth ?

True hope takes on eagle wings,
bright with breeze, high sunshine sings
A voice lift up, a dove its cooing,
pure yielding honey of highest wooing

Growing confidence like fairy feathers,
on transformed minds Your raising banners
The real nectar from the Most High,
alive in a moment, His Way, it’s nigh !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

School of Holiness: In A Dream, He Opens The Ears Of Men

You are in a classroom of honors,
give Me your all and you’ll pass in flying colors
Practice, experience, move above the realms of time and place,
Love at the helm and at the prow My grace

Trust Me in My giving and withholding judgment,
I AM calling for a new level of service and commitment
Rely on My Holy Spirit along the way,
all your angels are arranging your lessons for the day

Breathe in My whispering sounds,
come up here to find living grounds
Dream on, My Love, even more than before,
there are sounds of light beams behind an open door

You set my heart on fire and ablaze,
for only You, Your Name, i will praise
Don’t be afraid, keep your eyes on Me
and I will lead you in new territory

Let’s play together in the open field,
My dancing arms around you, as a protecting shield
I will press My lips on your rosy cheek,
proclaim My Love and soft words I will speak

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

A Hidden Treasure: Prepare Your Heart To Believe And To Receive

Didn’t I say I would make you stand ?
Now look what you have found !
Black diamonds in the soil, in your own ground,
truffles, like pearls in the land !

There is a sweetness everywhere You go,
a wonderful fragrance i am beginning to know
You speak in mysteries as a guiding light,
a spiritual code, seen through Holy Spirit’s sight

Follow through till the final goal,
be in gracious days, a chainless soul
with faith adorned, to gold no compare,
mercy more precious, a secret you need to share !

True lasting heavenly fuel !
Oh, jewel beyond every jewel,
praise beyond every price,
Father eternal, Son sublime, Holy Spirit before our eyes !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The Secret Place: I Invite You To Look Inside

When i look at nature so beautifully made,
knowing that Earth is but a shadow, just a shade
of Your eternal dwellings in the Heavens, then
how splendid must be Your new creation man !

Come with Me, I’ll show you the secret garden,
your inner being, where Love is the pardon
I will be there, for you I wait,
we will talk together, when you pass the gate

When motives are pure, on a love trip you go,
simple faith is what I require, all the rest will follow
Joyful experiences and My presence I will bring,
but embrace My fire, more than anything !

Advance in the depths of imparted gifts inside,
now that you’ve done with competition and youthful pride,
have suffered, matured, seasoned and grown,
I am revealing mysteries you have never known

Take the blessings in, safely hidden in your heart,
put away your fears, let it in My peace depart
I will birth in you My desire, birth in you My breath,
My inner heart, of triumph over death !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

My Love Never Fails: A Kiss From Heaven

Such feelings of wonder on the inside,
you never experienced before such delight
Imagine the joy of holding your child,
miscarried, aborted, but Fathers’ kept, for you to find

These children for you to raise, are waiting
in Heaven, already singing, talking and playing
Overwhelmed with tears of joy and love,
you will find His precious up above

I have for you My breath, like a kiss from Heaven,
beloved, your failure, it all has been forgiven
Look at Me and see truth in My eyes,
find comfort in My arms, don’t listen to enemies’ lies

Receive this breeze, to heal your grieving heart,
reach out and touch Me, for this burden to depart
Honor Me before the people, confess to one another,
you, man and woman, are father and mother

Forgiving their parents, waiting for you to arrive,
little lives’ destiny is granted eternal life
I gave it crowned hair with bright daisy flowers,
celebrate the child’s name and be washed in My healing showers !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

A Love Letter: I Call You My Love, My Spouse

It is I, who write on your human heart,
at your acceptance, to ravish this work of art
An inside picture, painted without a brush,
the scent as a rose, like a virgin blush

For now, I have Love seeds for you to sow,
a garden to blossom, so let it grow
A turn to bless, to heal your land,
the battle is fierce, but I will make you stand

My dove, am I not the Lord who sees ?
The Lord your Redeemer Who hears, yes, I know !
My heart beats for all who seeks, to show
healing through forgiveness and inner peace

So move forward, press on, turn the page,
advance and be witness of a great age !
Wear the Crown of Wisdom to build the House
I will be your Lover to become your Spouse !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

A Place Of Rest: Stand And Behold Your Salvation

Shining, rising color lights,
as through a stained glass window,
break open the beauty of new lives,
healing the pain and sorrow

The fear once was in control,
pure Love now healing heart and soul
By mountains’ climb and journey impartation,
bringing forth the wonder of your destination

Each gift dressed in the wrapping
of delights of praise and thanksgiving
Divine surprises of breakthrough, speaking
of treasures, art, writing and creating

Be refreshed in My embrace,
walk with Me in the Cool of the Day
Receive My goodness and My grace,
breathe at ease and rest in My Way !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The Season Of The First Love: Joy, Work And The Glory

Spirits’ passion calls to be revealed,
hunger yearning to open up which was sealed
Thirst’ crying for the King’s authority,
expressions working by the Crown of Glory

Deep secrets, through ages long concealed,
come alive and broken souls are healed
A three-fold string of One in unity,
delights’ wonders of Heavens’ reality

Follow the Lord of Hosts, to have it His way,
walk with unchained hands, He’ll wash the stains away
Open your mouth to taste wisdoms’ honey,
join in to pray this song of victory !

The longing of lovers to lift the blusher veil,
voices of soft amber rays prevail
Give way, oh nations’ angry pride
to His eternal Kingdom and the Bride !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The Eyes Of The Heart: A Kingdom Focus

Winds that have their ancient sleep
in the Earth, now begin to sweep
The way of an eagle in the air
and a serpent upon a rock; be sensible and aware !

Mysteries unfold and come awake,
surprises untold and start to shake
Spiritually blinded, with eyes upon the ground
missed the day of visitation, it’s magnificent sound

Clear as crystal, understanding known,
the Secret Place of The Most High is to be shown
Eternity dwells in the heart of man,
the Ark of the Covenant to be seen, yes, you can !

There is a place where knowledge flows,
revelation and wisdom of Him, there He shows
Eternity is present, future merged the past,
to be in the Spirit, to meet ‘finally at last’

With unveiled faces to behold the glory,
walking in Him, proclaim the triumph, a lover’s story
Living by faith and not by sight,
a Kingdom not of this world, in His presence of Light !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

A New Day: Joy And Peace Will Be Restored

Drops of salt tears melting
the cold, wool covered trees
Ice falling from leaves,
a long barren season ending

On a quiet field, where honor lies,
His Spirit awakening the morning breeze
A wondering gaze, a whispering’ recognize,
bringing heart and mind at ease

Past hidden noises, from the enemies’ lies,
as a soft captured prayer still cries,
a new day breaking forth, clearing sight,
rays of vision, like little diamonds reflecting light

Refreshed, revived from ancient sleep,
Your loving kindness, treasures running deep
His gentle touch, birthing dreams by surprise,
serene wisdom seen in His beautiful eyes

● ● ● ● ● ● ●