January 11, 2021, all during the day

I Will Roar And Nobody Will Hold Me Back

Retrace what I’ve already said,
I’ve been showing you things all along
Build the faith, not in date, or time, or event,
in My Name is the strength to make you strong

You may experience a lack of My presence,
I want to tell you this is not the case,
but an expectation of pulling back the waves
Once I release My Breath, mighty events will bring Me reverence

When I’ll open the windows, and close certain doors,
winds will sweep over all My creation furiously
Witness the awakening of a parade of majesty,
the Lion of Judah, and the echoes of His roars

It will come as rhythms of thunder,
lay waste secret thoughts of one another
Don’t be offended, don’t push your own right,
put on the full armour, stand then, cling tight

Now, plug into My thinking, align to My way,
a childs’ prayer is needed every day
Guard your heart well, rest assured in Who I AM
On My time, the lion lies down with the lamb

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

January 5, 2021, all during the day

The Four Winds Are Inhaling Their Mighty Breath

Kyria-daughter, do you feel the whispering breezes ?
I AM inhaling My Breath, drawing you closer
Be prepared, as the past quickly ceases,
before I’ll release the tides, faster than a roller coaster

Curtains pulled aside, softly breathe colors into oneness,
from four corners, overnight, i find myself with others
Windows of green, blue, red and golden-yellow,
somehow blow gentle, a building of crescendo !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●