February 5, 2020, all during the day

Dance With Me: Just The Two Of Us

He had known it all along, showing His grace,
wouldn’t she come laughing, still leaning,
with all the triumph, bright in her face,
leaving bygone days, to see a new thing ?

Now then, dance with Me, barefoot we will dance,
let it be Me, the perfect Romance !
Closely wrapped in the circle of My arms,
together you and I, a melody of homeward charms

Away from past times, step-by-step, only You, only You,
shiny, sparkling, near as fresh dew
Awhile, longing the sweets alone to call His own,
who made the heart, ’tis You alone, You alone !

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

January 30, 2020, all during the day

I AM The One: A Voice Of Many Waters

I AM the One that chooses the color of the skin,
but it has nothing to do with the Spirit of Adoption within
I love you all, no matter the status or nationality,
to have the spiritual bloodline is to possess immortality

In parts i see your beauty speak,
so loneliness can leave me
The man of Gethsemane is the One we seek,
that Your love, Father, will find a family

You are so wonderfully and uniquely made,
I AM the One that put the lines in your palms, so don’t be afraid !
I gave each of you the DNA,
I AM the One, your ABBA YAHuWaH !