Work’s are to be found in numerous private and public collections
in France, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, China and the USA:

Collection N. Koedijk and E. Gispen, Almere (NL)

Collection Lindsey de Mooij, Hilversum (NL)

Sold by Gallery Saatchi Art, Los Angeles (USA)

Collection Mr. Lawrence Freeman, Portland Oregon (USA)

Sold by Gallery and Art Lease Barendrecht, Barendrecht (NL)

Municipal Archives Delft, section Image and Sound, Delft (NL)

Collection Dominique Stal, Expert in Modern Art, Paris (FR)

The Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn NY (USA)

That Gallery, Hong Kong (China)

Collection Mr. and Mrs. den Elzen, Voorhout (NL)

Primo Piano Living Gallery, Lecce, Italy (IT)

Collection A. and C. de Kruijf, Zegveld (NL)

Collection P.J. Snijder and A.M.C. Remmerswaal, Amstelveen (NL)

APW Gallery, New York (NYC, USA)

The Hebrew Home for Aged, New York (NYC, USA)

Collection W. and Y. de Mooij, Delft (NL)

Sold by Gallery Meridienne, Mejannes Le Clap (FR)

Art Lease, Vianen (NL)

Sold by Galerij of The Lawei, Drachten (NL)

Collection Jerome Simer, Nancy (FR)

Sold by Gallery Meij and Meij (NL)

Collection M. Middelkoop, Delft (NL)

Collection R. and R. Smit, Leidschendam (NL)

Collection K. and M. van de Wijngaard, Delft (NL)

Collection S. and M. Meij, art collectors, Delft (NL)

Collection F. Criens, Haelen (NL)

Sold by Gallery Inkt, Delft (NL)

Collection H.C. de Jong, art collector, Delft (NL)

Collection dr. Denis Ludkov, Delft (NL)

Collection R. Hoog, art collector, Zoetermeer (NL)

Collection W.B. Dingenouts, Amstelveen (NL)

Collection A.D.M. Wijnhoven, Delft (NL)

Collection E. Emeis, Delft (NL)

Protext Translations BV, Katwijk a/d Rijn (NL)

Collection A. Middelhoek, art collector, Rhoon (NL)

The City of Delft (NL)

Collection P.J. Stolk, art collector, Lisse (NL)

Collection F. Helmus, Utrecht (NL)

The International Biannual Museum of Engraving, Acqui Terme (IT)

Collection G.P.B. Baars, artist, Rotterdam (NL)

Collection W.J. Jansen, Delft (NL)

Collection J. and A. Rijnders, artists, Delft (NL)

Collection Maria C.S. Machezki, Rotterdam (NL)

Collection W. Immerzeel, Utrecht (NL)

Rijkswaterstaat, Delft (NL)

Collection L. Albert, Amstelveen (NL)

Collection T. de Weger, artist, Delft (NL)

Collection A. Hegt, Delft (NL)

Collection Dr. L.J. Buth, art collector, Delft (NL)

Collection G. Verhoeven and I. Baltus, Delft (NL)

Sold by Gallery De Sigarenfabriek, Delft (NL)

The Museum of Katwijk, Katwijk aan Zee (NL)

Collection D.A. and A. van Ingen, Zegveld (NL)

Collection R. and R. van de Craats, Katwijk aan Zee (NL)

Sold by The Museum of Katwijk, Katwijk aan Zee (NL)

Sold by Krent and Weelde, Delft (NL)

Sold by COM Keramiek, Delft (NL)

Sold by Art Lease Kunstkring 88, Rijnsburg (NL)

Collection M. Noya, Den Haag (NL)

Sold by The Institute of Amsterdam for Painting A.I.S., Amsterdam (NL)

Collection P.L. van den Bosch, Delft (NL)

Private collection, (un) known art collector, Wassenaar (NL)

Collection R. Blote, Wassenaar (NL)

Collection Corrie Reichwein, Wassenaar (NL)

Citroen specialist Le Garage vd Velde, Wassenaar (NL)

Collection G. Brouwer, artist, Katwijk a/d Rijn (NL)

Collection J. Schenk, Dordrecht (NL)

Office of Physiotherapy A. van Duyn, Katwijk aan Zee (NL)

Collection A.P.J. Knijnenburg, Den Haag (NL)

Accountancy Verstegen vd Hoek and Lengton, Dordrecht (NL)

Collection Dwen Morgan, East Croydon, Surrey (UK)

Collection Jonathan Spriggs, Essex, (UK)

Software Development PolyCad BV, Heerlen (NL)

Collection P. Schroote, Heerlen (NL)

Rule- and Measure Technique WoodWard BV, Leiden (NL)

Collection Craig Ellis, Wassenaar (NL)

District Office Dekker Tennis, Warmond (NL)

Sold by Grafiekwinkel Inkt, the Hague (NL)

Primary School Leidse Buitenschool, Katwijk aan Zee (NL)

Collection Peter C.G. Ruiter, art collector, Gouda (NL)

Collection Dick Meijvogel, Katwijk a/d Rijn (NL)

Collection P. and A. Kortenhoeve, Rijsenhout (NL)

Numerous Private Collections (NL, FR, BE, UK, USA)

Sold by = unknown buyer(s)


Grant of Education Fund of Art and Culture, Amsterdam (NL) 2005

Grant of Education Fund of Art and Culture, Amsterdam (NL) 2002

Grant of the Council of Delft (NL) concerning an art manifestation 2002

Grant of Kunstgebouw, Foundation of Art and Culture of the South of the Netherlands,

concerning an educational art program by Foundation Kunstdoelen Delft (NL) 2000-2001


The Office of Art Historic Documentation (RKD), Den Haag (NL)

Dictionaries of P.M.J.E. Jacobs, Foundation Study Centre of Visual Arts, Tilburg (NL)

Database of Artprice, Saint-Romain-au-Mont-d’Or (FR)