The atelier in Mejannes le Clap (FR)

Au Souffle d’Or: the atelier for preparing the paintings and other works of art
Au Souffle d’Or, 30430 Méjannes le Clap (FR)

A Place Of Rest: Stand And Behold Your Salvation

Shining, rising color lights,
as through a stained glass window,
break open the beauty of new lives,
healing the pain and sorrow

The fear once was in control,
pure Love now healing heart and soul
By mountains’ climb and journey impartation,
bringing forth the wonder of your destination

Each gift dressed in the wrapping
of delights of praise and thanksgiving
Divine surprises of breakthrough, speaking
of treasures, art, writing and creating

Be refreshed in My embrace,
walk with Me in the cool of the Day
Receive My goodness and My grace,
breathe at ease and rest in My Way !