The Garden Van Ingen creates the contrast, fields of color created by horizontal and vertical volumes and a clear poetic painting on the opposite. Her...

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The Garden

The Window VI

The Window For the very reason that in ‘The Window’ nothing spectacular happens, things such as atmosphere and color claim a lot of attent...

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The Window

Woods and Seas

Landscape Although much occurs in the paintings of Van Ingen, there seems to be a quietness and clarity about them. This is not only because of the na...

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Threads of Nature 15

Threads of Nature The work is like traveling through layers. Revealing interconnected spaces. It’s like following a line: pulling a single threa...

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Threads of Nature

In Fertile Ground 22

In Fertile Ground In the paintings ‘In Fertile Ground’ the spectator is being taken on a journey through undiscovered areas. Nature and ar...

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In Fertile Ground

Of Beauty and Consolation 11

Of Beauty and Consolation In the paintings ‘Of Beauty and Consolation’ selected pieces of existing artworks are put together. Gallery The ...

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Of Beauty & Consolation

Garden Sounds

Poetic Labyrinth In a serial of paintings of large format, the starting point is a composition based on the bird perspective. Nature- and architecture...

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Poetic Labyrinth

Little Stones on the Beach III in Red Brown

Little Stones on the Beach While printing color graphics, Van Ingen uses different etching plates and prints them on top of each other. By doing so, u...

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Little Stones on the Beach

Tulipes on the Bike

Flowing Water In her paintings Van Ingen creates a balance between the pictorial elements. She concentrates on mere large shapes, shades of color, rhy...

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Flowing Water


The Sketchbook Project Thousands of sketchbooks are exhibited at galleries and museums as they made their way on tour across the USA. The Brooklyn Art...

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The Sketchbook Project

Portrait 95

100 photos of Citizens of Delft, the Netherlands In 2002 Mieke van Ingen has been taken hundred digital photographs of Citizens of Delft. These pictur...

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100 Citizens of Delft